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E36 M3 S50B30 Vanos Rebuild PT2.6

It’s out.

Part 122.5


I can now begin with the rebuild Caturday morning. Fuck yeah.


Right so,

JB Weld was useless, nothing more than glorified glue. Didnt really harden, was kinda like a blob of semi-hard paint and the moment I turned the ratchet it just twisted out.

I then got angry, so out came the dremel with a cutting disk. I rammed the dremel in the limited space, and began cutting away. got a decent gash in it before I ran out of space. Smashed the living crap out of it with a chisel and instead of aiming to turn it, I aimed to cut the head off, so went hard.

Began to get limited by space, again, so decided to change to a grinding stone on the dremel…. and went hard with that. More chiselling and by this point half the bolt was missing, and I could see the gap between the bolt and washer.

I decided to try to remove some more metal from it with pliers…. “did that just turn?”….. sure enough, with a mighty twist of the pliers it slightly turned again.

Spent the next 5 minutes turning it half a turn at a time, until it finally came out. GREAT SUCCESS.

Now that I have that out, nothing stands in the way of removing the unit and FINALLY beginning the rebuild. I still begin this Saturday morning.

The culprit.


And onto Part 3. Finally.

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