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E36 M3 S50B30 Vanos Rebuild PT5

So, the parts arrived today, all the way from Germany. Woot.

Part 122.52.634

So i got a new valve cover gasket and spark plug seals, 3 new bolts and 3 new washers for the vanos unit (to replace the rounded ones and a spare), and a new oil cap as the old one weeped.

New stuff

The new vanos bolts to replace the rounded hex. Its obvious i’m not the only one to have issues, the new bolts are T30 Torx, not hex.

Same deal with the new solenoid cover bolts, no more hex.

Final vanos bolt in, YAY!

Vanos solenoids installed. Note the placement, with wires exiting top and bottom, not both exiting down the bottom like the B32.

Cover on, with new gasket and bolts. Also had a real quick go at polishing it the other day when i was bored.

New valve cover gasket. The new gasket is much softer, and much better to work with than the old one. Note that with the S50 engines you apply the gaskets to the head, and then the cover onto that. The gaskets have locating lips, ridges and dowels.

Cover on. What a prick of a thing to get into place. Took about 3-4 tries as it kept getting stuck on the loom holder above it, and the rear cam cap. Refit the coils.

Radiator in

This is about where i connect the jump pack (battery died whilst it was sitting), and with the coils still disconnected, cranked the engine a few times to get oil into the vanos unit. No bad noises, cranks fine. WOO!

Coils connected, key turned and it roars into life. Idles a bit lumpy and having some power issues thanks to the flat battery. Idle is to be expected, vanos isnt worn in and the ECU has lost all its learning and reset to defaults.

I take it for a real quick spin down the road and back and then fire her back into the garage as i had no fan and the temp was coming up to normal operating temp quickly. Parked up, everything looking OK, nothing spewing anywhere.

Installed the fan and the shrouds and took it for another spin around the suburb. Didn’t want to go too far because i needed to get the oil to temp, and the coolant pressurised. Drives good, and the sound at 1800RPM is gone. Little growl from vanos when letting off the throttle, but there is still 300+ KM before its fully worn in.

Its fast, i give it a quick boot, and it’s off. Didnt rev too high or give it too much, and i don’t know yet if its a placebo and feels fast because i haven’t been driving it the past week or not.

Anyway, i roll back into the garage for one final check before i head down the hill for a longer run. Pop the hood, slight smell of coolant, OK because i spilt lots draining radiator. Nothing else looks out of place. Jump back in car and back out of garage….

Hmmm, thats a nice trail of green. Nuts.

Back into the garage i go. Looks like i derped the lower radiator hose, and its leaking from there. Will fiddle it a bit tomorrow and get it clamped correctly (think i pushed hose on too far) and i should be good for a decent run tomorrow night.

Getting there!

Fully reassembled car, fixed leaking radiator hose (clamp wasn’t tight enough and hose was slightly out of place) put about 30KM on it tonight and everything is working well, and drives well. Hard to tell if its any more powerful/faster, but its not slow, not at all.

Finally, vanos rebuild, complete.

Parts used during my vanos rebuild. This is for my car, some parts may vary so please check via RealOEM or your dealer to be sure.

Beisan Systems seal kit BS031
Beisan Systems Anti-rattle kit BS032
Beisan System Anti-rattle tools BS094

The following parts are from BMW
Vanos solenoid O-Rings (S62, improved design over S52 and direct replacement)
11367830828 x2
11367830829 x2

Vanos filter

Vanos solenoid cover gasket

Vanos cover bolts
07129905121 x4

Vanos intake piston nut

Valve cover gasket
11121317386 x2

Oil cap

And the bolts i had to replace due to rounded heads (hopefully won’t be needed by anyone else)
07129903807 (bolts)
07119931044 (washers)

Be aware most parts are Ex Germany (all Beisan parts are Ex USA), so order them beforehand.

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