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Month: February 2016


Im slowly but surely adding more work ive done on my cars to the Projects page. Check it out.

R33 afterburners

Today’s useless info.

I haven’t got one here to measure to 100% confirm, but according to some info, the afterburner tail lights on the R33 aren’t actually completely round, but actually slightly oval (iirc taller than they are wide). Apparently this is because the designers deemed that from afar perfectly circular lights don’t look circular at all, making them oval resolved this issue.



Welcome to Tastes Like Petrol, the home of my automotive adventures.

These are the ramblings of someone obsessed with cars. I’ve owned a lot of them, and worked on most of them. Some have been good, some have been super terrible.

I’ll be updating this site at random, with various somewhat interesting articles. Come be nosy.