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S401 Engine Bay & Interior Clean

Following on from yesterdays post, I did some more cleaning today.

I started with cleaning all the door sill trim and kick plates, because they were filthy. I used some APC and a microfiber. I haven’t dressed them yet, it’s just too hot out there atm.

You can also see the nice clean floor mats, which were water blasted, dried, and then cleaned with shake n vac and our full size vacuum. Now they look and smell clean. Excellent. The pedals got a quick clean with some APC and a brush, just to get all the mud out of them.

After that I took to the engine bay, which was coated in a fine film of dust and dirt, as well as just the general grime you get.


And after a degrease with lots of Simple Green with a brush, a hose down, wipe down, and then dressed with 303 Aerospace Protectant.

Its come up very well indeed. 303 was well worth the money.

And today’s picture of the car.

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