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Rover SD1, British Car Day 2017

On Sunday was the annual British Car Day at Trentham. I have a couple of posts on that already, but here’s a quick update on my own car.

Last year the SD1 turnout was quite low, I think there were only about 4 in attendance. I said there and then that I would be boosting that number in 2017 by bringing my own SD1 to the show. Considering I didn’t have an SD1 at the time, this was going to be an interesting plan.

As it turned out I did eventually manage to pick up my SD1 back in November, and since then, it’s been a race against the clock getting the car in a condition that I would be proud to display at the show. Its been almost constant work trying to right the wrongs of previous owners, and wind back the years of neglect.

I finally made it to the show on Sunday, under my own power, in a car that I am proud to say is mine.

Cruising into the show was surreal. Rolling through the gates in a row of other really stunning classic British cars, was my own little SD1. It was running like clockwork, and just idled its way through the gates and across the field to the Rover Club stand.

I parked up surrounded by other SD1s, which in itself was an amazing sight, and as more cars arrived my SD1 soon found itself in the middle of a group of similar cars.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold off all day, it was OK for the most part but eventually I did get to see the beading of the water on my paint. Boy does it bead well.

My car turned some heads and had a few people having a real good look over it. I also got a couple of really humbling comments from other SD1 owners, praising my car.

I’m glad I could be part of the show, and I’ll certainly be back next year, in the same car with some differences.

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