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TVR Tasmin, A Quick Run

Not much has happened due to me having the flu, but the weather was too good not to take the TVR for a quick blat around the block

Anyone who has had Man-Flu knows how hard it is to survive a normal day, let alone a day playing with old British cars, so my freight train of progress is halted at the station for a bit, as the garage is just too cold for me to be working in (its the middle of winter, and its been horrible weather recently).

Due to said horrible weather, the tiny little “first drive” mentioned in the previous post did only consist of popping down to the end of the street and back, a return trip of about 100m.

Today was the first day we saw some sun, and because I heard getting some fresh air and sun is good for you when you’re sick, I took this as a sign that the TVR should go for a quick run around the block.

I didn’t go far, only a total distance of 1km according to Google Maps, but further than the car has been driven in probably 3 years.

The car was already warm in this video as technically I had already taken it around the block twice before I thought I should grab a video. It started easily from dead cold, and as you can see warm starting is pretty good for an 80s K-Jet too.

I had the targa panel off but the rear section up to reduce wind noise, and even then, what a sound that Cologne makes! It surrounds you. What a silly little car to drive, but such fun.

It’s not all happy days. The steering wheel is way on the piss (as you can see), the brakes pulsate badly, and it seems to misfire under load at about 4500rpm. There is still work to do, but its good to know that the car is actually driveable.

The new spark plugs arrived today, so I’ll probably throw them in this weekend, and I’ll check over the rest of the ignition system at the same time. It could also do with some more fuel as I must be burning dinosaurs at a rapid rate of knots, and there wasn’t a lot in there to start with.

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