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Another Legacy

Well here’s a surprise, another Subaru!

So I swapped the Alfa for this Legacy, which in the big scheme of things was actually a decent idea, the Alfa just wasnt going to be reliable.

This one was just a normal twin turbo manual one. It had some modification, but good…. and bad. It drove well, was decently tidy, and had receipts for work done including a rebuilt engine.

It had a full bodykit of some sort, an RFRB grille, and Enkei RS Evolution wheels. Sadly someone had also decided that the lovely marbled interior trim was ugly and painted the centre trim black and the dash surround white. badly. It was rough as guts, and ugly as sin. I managed to source some new original trim, fit that, and it improved the looks a million times.

Swapped this one for my next car.

Legacy GTB
2l EJ20 twin turbo

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