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Mazda Luce

My first Luce. Got this one for $50 from the side of the road where it was all but abandoned. Knocked on some doors, found the owner and he decided he was sick of seeing it. Towed it home, new gas, a jump start and it fired to life. Hadnt run in years so was super noisy (and misfiring badly) until the lifters pumped up. Was dirty but cleaned up OK. Drove it a bit, gearbox was noisy but otherwise drove fine. Had the 2L V6 and manual box. Lush interior. Swapped it for a whole bunch of various things (couple dozen beers, a tiny tv, a stereo and some other stuff) from a mate.

I bought it under the impression it was deregistered but after i sold it i found out the registration was actually on hold. A quick check now indicates that up until 04 March 2015 (last year) it was on hold but has now lapsed and is deregistered. Last warrant was almost 11 years ago to the day, 21 May 2005.

2L JF V6
5 Spd Manual
Much dirt and smoker ash
More comfortable than my lounge suite

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