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Tastes Like Petrol


Well with a heavy heart i have to report that Alton the Swift Sport has been sold and was collected by its new owners this evening. Its gone to a good home, and should bring them the same enjoyment i had.

Good bye friend. Now to sort your replacement.


Useless thought for the day. The VW Golf R32 MK5 with DSG is one of very few cars that properly “wowed” me that i havent purchased. The reason i havent purchased one? They’re holding their values too well, its hard to justify the extra 6-7 thousand over a GTI. The GTI was a great car, but the R32 is next level.

One day.


Racing, back when cars were real cars and drivers were real men. Love this stuff, I was totally born 10 years too late.


The cars. The music. The hairstyles. Fantastic. Spot the car trying to be a Unicorn.