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Tag: Subaru


The cars I have owned, past and present, in chronological order.

Sub-Four Wheels of Fury.

They aren’t cars (or if they are, they are the Reliant Robin), and they have less than four wheels, but I owned them.

Honorable Mentions.

Cars I didnt own, but had a big part to play in my life.

My thoughts on the BL5 Legacy and R56 Mini Cooper S

Im still carless, and its seemingly one of the hardest decisions to make. What do you replace an M3 with?

Ive been researching more and more to find cars that might be up to it, and today i went and test drove a couple more.

2007 Subaru Legacy GT (BL5)

Ive test driven one of these before but it was the pre-facelift model with the 5 speed manual. This one being a 2007 was face-lift, which means updated exterior, Si-Drive and a 6 speed manual box.

Its a good looking car, much better to look at than the pre-facelift model, especially in the pearl white of the one tested. Theres also one other small changes here and there.

This one looked great in the photos online, but unfortunately in person it was a bit rough. It looked like it hadn’t been washed since it had been listed a month or so ago and there were various cosmetic issues around the place (namely a small hole punched through the front bumper). The car also smelt like stale smoke, a common import issue.

The interior is comfortable, and laid out ok. The seats aren’t well bolstered, which is starting to point towards where the Legacy went from a sport saloon to a luxury sport saloon. Back in the BD5 days, the seats were actually pretty well bolstered and they were definitely sport saloons.

I couldn’t test the stereo as the display didn’t work, meaning i couldn’t tune it. I suspect it wouldn’t have had a band expander anyway.

This dealer was pretty rubbish, and the old guy i spoke to was rude and uninformed about what he was selling (unable to tell me when the cam belt was done even though there was a japanese cam belt sticker on the slam panel). Despite having enough cash to buy the car outright, i wouldn’t bother even if it was perfect. They dont deserve my cash.

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